How uniforms in public school would take away students rights to freedom of expression

Project description
When preparing an informative or expository essay, it is important to identify multiple perspectives. Investigating all sides of a topic enables you to interpret a larger picture and prepare logical content. In Part 1 of Unit 3, you selected a topic question, determined a viewpoint, and created your assignment based on that viewpoint.

Part 2

For this Unit 4 assignment you will investigate the opposite viewpoint of your chosen topic question, prepare a draft essay of the opposing view, and present your draft essay in the correct APA format.

Specifically, you will complete the following:

Prepare a title page with the correct APA formatting.
Prepare an abstract page with correct APA formatting.
Develop an introduction paragraph based on the opposing viewpoint of your Unit 3 topic question.
This requires the creation of a new thesis statement.
It requires 3 supporting subtopics.
It requires the new thesis statement to be the last sentence of the introduction paragraph.
Develop at least 3 transitional paragraphs. Transitional paragraphs are the expanded paragraph information based on your thesis subtopics.
Develop a concluding paragraph. Remember to restate your thesis statement in the conclusion.
Citations and references are not required for this assignment.
Your submission of 2–3 pages should contain proper APA formatting in addition to the title and abstract pages. APA formatting for margins, spacing, font style, size, running header, and page numbers should be observed.

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