Homework 5

Your written assignment for this module involves answering the four essay questions listed below. Your answer for each of the four essay questions should be between one to two pages in length.Essay Questions

  1. Name and discuss the principal issues that a theory of White Collar Crime attempts to explain, then identify and discuss some of the main underlying assumptions for any such theory.
  1. Define and discuss the principal elements of demonic, biogenic, psychological, and sociogenic perspectives as they relate to the notion that White Collar Crime offenders are intrinsically different from non-offenders.
  1. Define and discuss the following theoretical perspectives on crime, or White Collar Crime: rational choice; social control; social learning; interactionalism; labeling; neutralization; and structural strain.
  1. Evaluate the contribution of the conflict perspective, in its Marxist, radical, and contemporary critical forms, to the understanding of White Collar Crime.
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