hippies,and Linda from South Africa

hippies,and Linda from South Africa

Paper instructions:
Use Turner’s concepts of communitas, liminality, structure, and ritual to compare and contrast two of the following: hippies,and Linda from South Africa. To do so,

think about the following questions. What structures are they encountering, confronting, subverting, or rebelling against? What are the outcomes of these encounters or

rebellions? How do they manage to live and act outside of norms and expectations of their own societies or the wider world? What rituals do they engage in and why? Do

they ultimately alter structures and norms through their actions? Choose specific examples to make your argument.

The goal of the essays is not
simply to for you to reiterate and summarize the readings or for you to show that you took notes during
lecture. Instead, you are expected to have mastered the readings and lecture content enough to offer an
original engagement with them and then offer a unique response to the prompt. For this reason, the most
important thing is that your essays have a well-thought-through and clear thesis statement stating the
overall argument you are attempting to convey in your essay. Thesis statements must be put in bold in the
introductory paragraph. Your essay should follow the following format:?
• Introductory paragraph that includes your thesis statement (no more than half a page)
• Organized paragraphs with clearly explained evidence and explanations of how they support your thesis
(three pages)
• A single paragraph conclusion that wraps up your essay and reiterates what you have argued (half a
The essays must be 4 full pages minimum (4.5 pages maximum), double spaced, 12 point Times New
Roman font, with one-inch margins. Put only your full name and “Essay #1” (or 2 or 3) below it, both at

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