German Culture.

German Culture

Did the course in any way change your views about Germany and the Germans? Were there any real surprise? What themes or subjects might you pursue looking into on your own in the future? (10 points).

Germany just unlike most nations is unique in the sense that most of the aspects in the entire nation focus on the roots, culture and the norms both in religious and secular life. The Germany citizens focus on the cultural values maintaining a purely ethnic society. This is to ensure that the entire society, even the young generation adheres to the society norms and regulations. Unlike other nations that have adapted to new language, the Germanys have remained adamant speaking their native language (Colson, 2012).

Germany shaped by major intellectual and popular cultural values that the entire Germany society is supposed to adhere. The Germany society has maintained numerous cultural values to secure the future of the national heritage. Through the study of the culture of the Germany cultural and norms, my views concerning the Germany people and the nation has changed. I was surprised that the Germany still maintain a norm in which greetings is valued in the entire society. The young show respect for the elders to indicate that the Germany society is appreciated.

I also learned that through maintaining the cultural values for instance, speaking of the native Germany language has promoted to the success of the economy of Germany. In numerous business activities, the Germany people have maintained a sequential native language to ensure that the local citizens communicate with ease. The communication between the business activities has enabled the people in achieving a unique business environment maintaining a stiff competition between the member states.

Using Germany: customs & Cultures as your source, identify two German characteristics or stereotypes that you hold to be true and admirable. Compare them with American values or those of your native country. (20 points)

One of the key leaders admired in the entire Germany is Konrad Hermann Adenauer who was one of the most loved political leaders in the entire nation. Konrad was the key chancellor of West Germany that was responsible in restructuring the entire nation from the ruins of the Second World War. He was also responsible for reuniting the enemies such as the United States and France to empower the economic status of Germany. The other respected and admired leader in Germany is Helmut Josef Kohl who was also one of the conservative leaders in the entire Germany state (Colson, 2012). He ruled for a maximum of sixteen years overseeing the Germanys end of the cold war. During his rule, Germany regained its prosperity and stability especially economically.

The two leaders can be compared to Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was one of the American respected presidents. Although he was the thirty-second president of America, remembered for enacting peace in America especially during the world war. He is also responsible for recovering the entire United States from economic crisis hence elected more than two terms as a president. The two leaders can be compared to martin Luther King since he also participated in ensuring that violence was reduced in America. Martin Luther was identified especially for fighting against black white discrimination in the entire American society (Colson, 2012).

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