found of commuincation

Fundamentals of Communication – Response Paper 1


Culture and Multicultural Diversity

-Write a 1000 word (about 3 full pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font) observation/reaction/analysis.

-Talk with or interview someone who has a distinctly different cultural background than you. This person should be someone who you do not already know. Your goal is to discover cultural differences and similarities.

-Here are some questions to consider asking:

-Where are they from?


                        -Geographical location?

                        -Political landscape?

-What’s the dominant past time in their culture (football, movies, bowling?)

-What foods they eat?

                        -Favorite treat or dessert?

-What rituals they embrace?

-What holidays do they celebrate?

-What are their religious beliefs?

How do they perceive your culture?

-These are merely suggestions. Please feel free to come up with your own questions.

-In your Response Paper, identify these cultural differences and/or similarities, and any new awareness you may have developed. At some point in the paper, either at the beginning, the end, or during, identify yourself and your own cultural background/heritage by comparing/contrasting these differences to your own.

-Questions you may want to answer in your paper:

-Do you feel that knowing more about their culture has led to a different level of understanding?

-Did you previously have any stereotypes about their culture and if so, have they changed? 

-Do they have any stereotypes about your culture?

-Have they embraced the Melting Pot philosophy or the philosophy of Cultural Pluralism?

-Please write this paper in paragraph form. Be sure to double-check your grammar and punctuation.

-Submit your papers on Canvas.

Have fun with this assignment!

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