Does foreign aid help or hurt the developing countries?

Does foreign aid help or hurt the developing countries?

the class is: political science – international relation

essay topic: does foreign aid help or hurt the developing countries?


– Students need to include certain element in their essay. The paper will include a clear argument or thesis, a strong analysis supported by evidence, and a forceful conclusion.

– An argument requires two elements: a clear position on the subject matter and supporting evidence (factors) that substantiate the claim.

– in subsequent paragraphs, they will explain these factors and demonstrate how they are related to their main argument.

– if students are working on an idea or a topic and feel that it has both strengths and weaknesses, they will take a position and explain its strengths (or weaknesses) only. While they are explaining their position on an idea, they will acknowledge the opposite viewpoint briefly in a paragraph or so before concluding the paper.

– in the concluding section, students will briefly summarize their findings and reinforce their position. At this point, they may include some relevant suggestions or recommendations to make their argument more appealing.

– The paper will be about 1500 words (double spaced) long, no more, excluding the cover page and list of references. include the ‘word count’ at the end of your concluding paragraph. Be concise and to the point. Include what is relevant to the main argument and leave out unnecessary detail or background information.

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