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The role of spirtuality in health care is the reading that interested me most. It gave in insight in different experiences of health care nurses and why they do what they do. The nurse that did mouth to mouth on a possible HIV positive man just to save his life. The woman who used God to enjoy the people she took care of instead of being repulsed by them. The many workers who took care of children and people who needed help and could give nothing in return. This is what nursing is for. I personally believe in God but even if someone didnt couldnt this idea, the idea that one person could love everyone and give joy and peace to everyone around them rather than hate, spite and repulsion, isnt that what nursing should be. Arent we here to heal rather than to judge? Who am I to judge what these people do outside after i care for them? My view of disease and healing is that someone can ultimately feel diseased even if their soul isnt healed. That someone can be essentially diseased if their mentality and spirituality is not right and well to them. Drug addicts and people with deathly diseases may both heal from a better mentality and more good chemicals flowing through their brain and body. If a drug addict is essentially sick due to the fact that thier mentality is off, wouldnt it be better if they were to find God and become better and get off drugs. Would someone heal better if they had more fight and werent failing to thrive because they feel they have nothing left? As a person if they body is not whole then the body will not heal in completion. The mind can ultimately make you sicker than a disease may make you. Along with the science we have learned in medications and healing, spirituality and mentality need to be healed in whole to make the body completely healthy.

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