five page paper on my culture

Minimum 5 full pages not counting the cover and reference pages.  Your submission should use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation and be presented in APA format (running head, page numbers, double spaced, 12 pt. font, one inch margins all around, and proper in-text citation formatting), with a cover page and reference page.  Make sure and cite your textbook and any other sources of information you use to formulate your paper and use in-text citations throughout your paper to show from where you obtained information.

  • In this assignment you will fully explore culture and the impact it has on goals and values. Share information about your culture and how your culture has impacted your work with children.  Are you more of a Pattern One person or a Pattern Two person?  Is your pattern more similar or more different than the majority of your coworkers?  Discuss what can happen when families and early childhood educators have conflicting goals and values and explain how such conflicts can be resolved. Provide a hypothetical scenario of a parent and an early childhood professional to illustrate how goals and values may differ and how such conflicts can be resolved.  Incorporate the tips discussed in the chapter regarding facilitating communication when cultural conflicts arise.  Describe how to help children understand and value cultural pluralism.  Share your ideas regarding ways to honor cultural diversity in the classroom.  This assignment meets Chapter 7 Learning Objectives 1-6. 
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