Family Assessment

There are many factors to consider in family-centered assessment (i.e. engaging the family in the assessment process; assessing a family’s uniqueness through cultural background, beliefs, and values; family stress and resiliency; family challenges; the family’s readiness for change; family dynamics; etc.) For this assignment you will explore an assessment technique that uses an intergenerational tool that focuses on family strengths: Strengths-Based Family Genogram.
Using a family as a guide, please complete a genogram that includes the following information:
• Assess your family back 3 generations (including your current family).
• Include in your genogram the family members within your current family, and the families of both your mother and father, and your grandparents* (i.e. parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.).
• Identify unique qualities and strengths of your family members (identify within your genogram family members who are heros or heroines, resilient members, courageous members, compassionate members, how these members have influenced your family, etc. – which are components of Resiliency-Based Genograms). You can create your own symbols or icons as identification markers of these areas.
• End your assignment by discussing how the strengths within your family can become resources that your family can use in setting goals for positive change.
•Include with your narrative, a visual diagram of your family’s Strengths-Based Family Genogram. You can use a family that you identify with, or a fictitious family, for this assignment.

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