Extended School Year Online Assignment

Extended School Year Online Assignment

Extended School Year has been available to students with disabilities since 1979, when classes were originally called Armstrong-Kline classes. ESY originated because parents of students with disabilities realized that their children were not able to maintain the skills they learned during the academic year over extended breaks in school. Consequently, IDEA provides criteria to determine if students are eligible to receive extended school year services.

Extended school year is not for enrichment of students, nor is it to provide respite care over the summer. ESY is to provide continuous educational services for students with significant disabilities who struggle with regression and recoupment during breaks in their educational programming.

Read the extended school year guide which has been posted and become familiar with the eligibility criteria for extended school year.

Read the IEP for Amy, a student receiving life skills services, who qualifies for extended school year.

Provide a definition for each of the following. Then, referring to Amy’s IEP, list the specific assessment tool(s) that you will use for each area of eligibility. Amy’s IEP just states “progress monitoring.” You will need to describe the progress monitoring tool you will use.



Mastery of a Skill


Successive interruptions*

Severity of disability

This assignment is worth 24 points (2 points for each complete definition, 2 points for each assessment tool).

Submit via drop box.

*In addition to the area/assessment being used, you must describe when the assessment will be used so that you can determine regression, recoupment, and the impact of successive interruptions

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