Expiremental propsal

Expirementel propsal

This journal is intended for you to propose experiments as any grant proposal. You can also write a paper. The idea is that you create your set of data utilizing your knowledge and make sense of the experiments proposed. All the sources need to be cited.

The general structure of your paper will be like this

1- Abstract

The abstract usually contains four brief sections

a- What you r topic is

b- What is known (and makes your topic exciting)


c- What is not known and you will solve with the experiments you are proposing.

d- A super-brief conclusion

2- Introduction

The introduction should not be long (one page. one and a half page max). You have to have the ability to synthesize crucial information in this page. The information should be one that, if not included, the ability to understand your experiments is definitely inpaired.

One of the most widely used structures for the Introduction ids the “funnel” one:

One   paragraph with the general physiological characteristics of your drug of choice. The second paragraph describes the general chemical characteristic of your drug or drug family.

The third paragraph may direct to previous modifications, experiments, or approaches developed ti deepens the understanding of your topic.

A fourth paragraph may direct the readers’ attention to the relevance of your paper.

3- Proposed experiments (3)

Think   first what you want to achieve. Formulate a hypothesis (Crucial) WHAT YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN!

According to your hypothesis; just design two experiments to validate your hypothesis. You need to include some experimental approach here (how you did the experiment, for instance if this is a synthesis, a description of the synthetic method constitutes a good experimental approach page)

4- Include figures of experimental procedures, and expected results. You can plagiarize and paste from Internet. We all know that these

Experiments have not been done, and you took the beautiful picture from a website.

. It’s your creation, not a copy and recitation of facts.

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