EXP 105 Week 1 DQs

This work of EXP 105 Week 1 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following points:

1. Engaging in learning is empowering and allows you to gain new knowledge, develop new skills, and provides the foundation for continued growth. Being a proactive learner means that you take an active role not only in what you learn but how you learn. Worksheet 1.2 from the book lists 13 learning activities. For this discussion, identify which learning activities from Worksheet 1.2 you currently use. Explain how you use these by providing examples. Next, identify which activities that you need to improve upon. 2. Time management skills are especially important for students. Managing your time will be an important part of your success as a student. Some important elements of time management include prioritizing, creating a plan, scheduling time to study, establishing routines, learning to delegate, and setting realistic goals. You have a friend that just started back to school to complete her bachelor

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