Executive Coaching Plan

Executive Coaching Plan
Your task is to develop a coaching plan that incorporates the elements listed below based on the scenario you selected in Unit 2. Provide a rationale for how you will address each of these elements, based on your readings and research throughout this course.

Keep in mind that the goals of your client may change throughout the coaching relationship, and you will likely need to refine the initial plan in order to address the specific needs of your client.

Your plan will need to answer the following questions based on the needs of your client:
•Describe the coaching situation and individuals involved.
•How will you establish the coaching relationship? What coaching process will you use?
•What assessment tools might help you determine what you need to know about the client?
•How will you co-create the goals of the coaching plan?
•What procedures will you apply to allow you to measure the success of the plan once you have implemented it? What data would you collect and how and when would you collect it?
•Determine the strategies, approaches, and types of coaching you will use when working with the client. How will you ensure that you are utilizing an evidence-based coaching approach?
•What ethical and multicultural issues should be considered that apply to your coaching situation?
•Consider potential issues that could arise when implementing the plan. In order for you to determine how successful the coaching relationship is, you will need to be able to continually evaluate the process, client follow-through, and outcomes and provide effective feedback to move the process forward. Finally, issues of follow-up, closure, and termination are important to address as well.
•Establish a timetable for implementing the plan.

This final project should be 10–12 pages with at least seven references integrated within your paper. Please utilize APA format guidelines (6th edition).


This is a coaching plan developed for Bob Smith the CEO of Acme Inc. Mr. Smith has recently been appointed the CEO by the board of directors from an outside source after the economic downturn and other scandals within Acme Inc. caused the last CEO to be fired. Acme Inc. is a multibillion dollar electronic firm that has recently acquired a smaller Japanese firm. The organization is in disarray due to the previous lack of leadership. Mr. Smith has been an established leader in the electronics industry but has never dealt with an international merger. He has a staff that consists of a financial advisor, operations manager, human resources manager, vice president, and a marketing director. Mr. Smith has a family that consist of a wife who is also a prominent business person, a child in college and one in high school. He has hired Individual Consultants Enterprise (ICE) to construct this coaching plan and to advise him on both business and personal matters.



Evaluate the appropriateness of a theoretical framework to a particular situation and support choice with scholarly research.
Evaluate the theoretical framework of evidence-based coaching.

Evaluates the appropriateness of a theoretical framework to a particular situation and supports choice with scholarly research.

Create a coaching plan that assesses the foundational elements of coaching from the perspective of a particular theory.
Assess the foundational elements of evidence-based coaching.
Apply a theoretical approach by creating a coaching plan for a particular situation.


Evaluate and apply grounded frameworks for evidence-based coaching approaches.
Evaluate the ethical and multicultural issues related to a particular coaching situation.
Evaluate ethical and multicultural issues related to evidence-based coaching.
Achieve well-developed written communication; successfully implement APA style.
Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.


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