Evaluate System Readiness

Evaluate the readiness of information systems for implementation and migration into production to determine whether project deliverables, controls and the organization’s requirements are met.

  • Evaluate Alpha/Beta Testing

    • Alpha/Beta testing is important.

    • They are two different stages, for the purpose of completing one greater good.

    • Alpha testing is the first round of testing to understand gain a understanding.

    • Beta testing is the part of the test to think about where a greater focus is needed.

  • Evaluate Migration Readiness

  •        System readiness is always an important element to think about.

  •        Migration readiness is just one example.

  •        Migration is about how to react.

  •        The readiness to reach should always be a top priority.

  • Speakers notes. Readiness is a necessity.

    1.5 report  breakdown

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