Establishing a Culture and Structure for the Future

An effective succession plan must be more than an HR strategy. It must be part of the organizational culture or personality. Similar to diversity, succession planning has to be embedded in the daily “life” of the organization. For example, if supervisors consciously and routinely delegate projects to enhance the development of direct reports, this becomes part of the culture and supports succession plans. Collaboration, teamwork, and full job descriptions are just a few of the elements that support a culture and sustainable organizational future.

The presentation will present issues related to establishing a culture and structure that support succession planning.

Power point presentation will consist of the following:
Topic: Establishing a Culture and Structure for the Future
• What is an Affirmative Action Plan and The Impact of Affirmative Action on an Organization
o Differentiate myths/reality of affirmative action plans
o How affirmative action plans might affect training and development strategies
7-8 PPT Slides (not including cover and reference slide)
• Succession Planning-What is Succession Planning
o Evaluate legal and ethical issues that may arise in the succession planning process
o Evaluate strategies to support succession planning
o Strategies to establish a culture that supports succession planning
o Analyze how succession planning strategies affect organizational structures
• Summary Slide
o Evaluation of the central concepts with a focus on their application to management practice and their impact on positive social change

The seven slides does not include the cover slide and slide with references

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