electric sector in ivory coast

electric sector in ivory coast

this is a homework of economic of energy and environment course ,

we are required to answer these following question in a paper and after answering it you should write a recommdation for each question.

the country is IVORY COAST , so your answers of the research paper should be only about the case of IVORY COAST , please don’t answer the question in general , you should search about IVORY COAST ONLY .

the requirement of the paper: evaluate how prepared is the electric sector to attract private sector participation in a sustainable way,

do the evaluation by answering the 3 questions:
1) Does the country have adequate infrastructure? Why? Describe positive aspects of existing infrastructure and opportunities for improvement.
2) What is the Political framework? Does the existing government have the resolve to make changes and attract private sector? Is it sustainable?
3) Describe the existing Institutional framework. What are the weaknesses? What are the opportunities?

In the last section of your paper , make recommendations for each of the aspects above where opportunities exist. ( for every question )

don’t forget the Bibliography please:)

Hint : you can use the Eia.gov website as one of the references or the worldbank or other sources, REMEMBER THAT THE COUNTRY IS IVORY COAST!!

please before you begin writing the recommendation , make a title of ” recommendations” so i can differnciate between the answers of the questions and the recommendations:)

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