5. Peter Higgins is a sales agent for XZY Company. He has an effort cost function of C = e2 and a reservation wage of $1,500. His wage package is W = 1,500 + 0.2Q where the CEO sets the incentive at 0.2 and Q = 200e. Q is the output. If the CEO increases the incentive from 0.2 to 0.25, what happens to the Peter’s effort? Will profits rise or fall?

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6. Two consumers Justin and Cindy of the same product have the following demand curves: Q1 = 500 – 10 P and Q2 = 500 – 20 P. The marginal cost (MC) for the firm is $10. Calculate the prices when the firm discriminates between the two consumers. Is this a good strategy, or should the firm charge the same price to both of them? 


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