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Every day, we use our elbows, wrists, and hands for a large variety of activities.  While many of these activities and movements are performed with a specific purpose in mind, most movements are performed subconsciously.  Our intention may be to blow our nose; thus, subconsciously, our body initiates movements of our forearms, including the elbow, wrist, and hand, to perform the desired activity without having to consciously mobilize each individual joint and structure separately.  After reviewing the Hand Anatomy Animated Tutorial video and reviewing this week’s required resources, please address the subsequent elements using appropriate medical terminology:

    • Select one activity or movement you perform daily, that moves both joints (elbow and wrist), as well as your hand at the same time.
    • Then, evaluate the joints and motions of the elbow(s), wrist(s), hand(s), and/or finger(s) to execute this activity or movement.  Please be detailed when discussing your selected activity and the related joints and motions.
  • Select one of the joints in any of the three structures and discuss changes in the movement if the chosen joint was fused.  

Include two scholarly sources to support your research and findings (one should be your course text).  All sources must be referenced and cited according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your initial post must be a minimum of 250 words. 

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