Discussion and Reply to a statement

Discussion and Reply to a statement

“Energy Sources and Energy for Life”

Note: Online students, please respond to one (1) of the following three (3) bulleted items.

  • Discuss three (3) types of energy sources used by cells then provide two (2) examples of when / in what cells / situations your chosen energy sources are used. Next describe two (2) forms of transport within the cell and the specific energy source used in each form of transport.
  • The effectiveness of dieting has been debated for years. There are several diets available including Atkins, Zone, Carbohydrate, Weight – Watchers, Jenny Craig, Dukan, Mediterranean, or 22 Day Vegan. Choose two (2) diets that were listed previously then explain four (4) effects each of your selected diets has on one’s energy and overall health including any hazardous effects.
  • Review the animation on enzymes found here then in your own words define the term enzyme. Next choose one (1) enzyme of your choice then determine its function in the body. In addition, discuss three (3) advantages of having metabolic pathways in the cell and the specific role enzymes play in those processes.



The two diets that I will be discussing this week are the 22 Day Vegan Diet the Atkins Diet. First I would like to explore the dynamics surrounding these two diets. A vegan diet or commonly referred to as veganism is the method of not consuming any animal products. This means that vegans not only don’t eat meat but don’t consume eggs, cheese and other dairy products. Vegans tend to be extremists when it comes to not consuming any animal products. The smallest trace of foods manufactured using animal products is primarily disallowed. This means if a certain brand of cupcake or cookies has egg in it, then this is not consumed because it’s from an animal.

Atkins diet is a high-protein low-carbohydrate diet promoted for weight loss in people suffering from obesity. Foods such as pizza dough, cookies, pies, cakes, doughnuts, bread, pasta, rice, juice and fruits are examples of food containing high levels of carbohydrates.

22 Day Vegan Diet Energy Effect on the Human Body

B12 vitamins are found mostly in animal products. B12 plays a critical role in the proper formation of red blood cells and maintain the overall health of nerve tissues. In addition, B12 also promotes human energy. There are many vitamins and enzymes in animal products that are not found in vegetable sources. Vegans can face B12 vitamin deficiencies. Symptoms of B12 deficiencies can include fatigue. Many vegans will take B12 supplements to conquer the challenges of maintaining energy surrounding deficiencies.

Because vegetable diets have low calories, many vegans have trouble eating enough calories to maintain optimal energy levels. Calories are considered units of energy and are primarily used to measure energy amounts that are in foods. Human calorie needs are determined based on height, weight, age and gender. Animal products such as meat, cheese and dairy products tend to have higher calorie amounts. Because vegans don’t eat animal products, they can be prone to calorie deficiencies causing low energy and extreme weight loss.

Vegans are extreme plant eaters. Embracing a vegan diet has many health benefits. Because of low saturated fat, high fiber and eating nothing but foods packed with rich antioxidants, vegans are less prone to obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Adkins Diet Effects on the Human Body

Because the Atkins diet requires a high consumption of protein low carbohydrates, many people find it hard to maintain adequate levels. Carbohydrates are organic compounds on the end many foods containing sugars, cellulose and starch. The Atkins diet limits sugar so that the body burns fat including the fat stores for energy. The human body requires a sufficient amount of carbohydrates to gain optimal energy levels. Low carbohydrate diets can lead to abnormal fluctuations in blood glucose levels, extreme weight loss and starvation.

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