discussion board 1

Please read “Recidivism of Sex Offenders” by Bynum et al. beginning on page 238 of your Latessa/Holsinger text. Answer the following questions accordingly. Your responses should be based in what you have read. Please include citations throughout, as well as references in APA format. Your response is worth 20 points and should be thorough. Your initial response is due by Day 3. All peer responses are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 30. 

1) Based on what you have read, what follow-up period do you feel is most representative of recidivism rates for sex offenders? Why? Explain your response. 

2) Consider the definitions provided for stable dynamic factors and acute dynamic factors. List three potential stable dynamic factors and three potential acute dynamic factors for sex offenders. Do not include the ones listed in the reading. 

3) Explain the impact of interventions on sex offender recidivism. Feel free to include your opinion in this response. 

As you read your peers’ posts, consider their answers to the questions above. Do you agree? Why or why? As you formulate your response(s), validate your peer or disagree with their statements in a professional manner.

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