discuss the similarities and/or differences between two topics

In this essay, you will discuss the similarities and/or differences between two topics.  Remember that you must select two things which you can thoroughly compare and contrast within the specified word limit. For this essay, you must use 1-2 sources.  Remember, for each source you use, you need a correct works cited entry on the works cited page, an attribution for that source in the paper, and a parenthetical citation after your quote, paraphrase, or summary.  Review unit two if you need help with those! For this essay, you may use any source (a book, article, newspaper story, or web site, for example).

Choose one of the following topics for this essay:

1. Compare the playing styles of two sports superstars.

2. Compare online and traditional classes.

3. Compare two products being considered for purchase (like two gaming systems, two cars, two hairstyles, two wedding dresses, and so on).

4. Compare two video games or types of video games.

5. Compare two musicians.

You may also develop an analogy based on one of the following sets of items:

6. Compare writing to gardening or mountain climbing.

7. Compare a teacher to a coach or prison guard.

8. Compare your mind to a battleground, cluttered attic, or airport.

9. Compare reading a book to exploring a new place or hunting for treasure.
Make sure your essay conforms to MLA formatting (go back to the Course Information link on the Home Page if you need a refresher).

Word Length:  750-1000 words (not including the works cited page)

Remember, your essay will not receive a passing grade if it does not meet the minimum length or source requirement.


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