Differences between Gas and electric cars Expository Essay

Directions are: An expository essay gives information about a topic to the reader in a manner that is well-researched and clearly organized. Some expositions involve comparing and contrasting differences within a given topic of interest. In a 600 to 800-word essay, research and write an informative/expository essay in response to the following question: How do ‘hybrid’ cars (ones that use both gasoline and electricity) differ from traditional (gasoline-only) cars? The essay should have an introduction, at least two supporting paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion. You will need to conduct basic research outside of the resources on Study.com, finding at least three sources that pertain to your topic. Please keep in mind to avoid sites that do not seem legitimate, i.e. Wikipedia, and to look for .gov or .edu sites for credible sources. Be sure to include a bibliography in APA style that credits the sources you used in your essay.


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