Determining the Credibility of Online Sources

In “Information Literacy: The Perils of Online Research” the segment called “Determine the Credibility of Internet Sources” explains two major concerns students have when locating research to support academic papers. The first is actually finding information that is relevant. For example, if you want to prove the school uniforms help stop bullying in high schools, you would want to find a statistic or study that helps prove your idea. Just finding the information you need can be tough, depending on how specific the information needs to be.

But then once you find information, you need to make sure that it is true! There are many internet sites whose main purpose is to sell you something and there are many other sites with information posted by people who lack credibility.

Let’s discuss:

  • What are some suggestions this segment provides about how to filter out the credible information from the untrustworthy information online?


Information literacy: The perils of online research [Video file]. (2006). In Films On Demand. Retrieved July 25, 2016, from

Transcript to video is attached

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