Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics


Week 4 Option #1: Descriptive Statistics


Complete the following questions in a 1-3 page document formatted per APA Requirements. Be sure to use Version 1 of Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study (


  • Lane, Chapter 1, exercises 18 & 19 (ADHD Treatment Study)


  •> Chapter: Case studies > H. ADHD Treatment
  • (AT#1) What is the independent variable of this experiment? How many levels does it have? (relevant section)
  • (AT#2) What is the dependent variable? On what scale (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) was it measured? (relevant section)


  • Lane, Chapter 2, exercises 13 & 14 (Angry Moods Study)



  • (AM#14) Create a bar graph comparing the mean Control-In score for the athletes and the non-athletes. What would be a better way to display this data? (relevant section)


  • (AM#18) Plot parallel box plots of the Anger Expression Index by sports participation. Does it look like there are any outliers? Which group reported expressing more anger? (relevant section)


  • Lane, Chapter 3, exercises 20 & 23 (Angry Moods Study)



  • (AM#4) Does Anger-Out have a positive skew, a negative skew, or no skew? (relevant section)
  • (AM#15) What is the variance of the Control-In scores for the athletes? What is the variance of the Control-In scores for the non-athletes? (relevant section)


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