Define variables sampling Custom Essay

In my career, the procedures for collecting accounting evidence that I have used are as follows: analytical procedures, observation, inspection of records, confirmations, reperformance, recalculations, client tour, and scanning. Reperformance – this entails doing the accounting or internal control procedure of the client to ensure that the business is actually conforming to its own rules. In essence, with the reperformance procedure, a sample of the computations as well as transfers of information are rechecked. Rechecking of computations comprises testing the mathematical accuracy and rechecking of transfers of information entails determining whether information is recorded consistently in the accounting records (Singleton & Singleton, 2010). Response to question 3 Variables sampling is understood as a sampling situation that deals with variations in some measurement possessed by all members of a given population. Variables sampling is essentially designed to predict the value of a certain variable for a population (Guy & Carmichael, 2009).

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