Define hypotheses.

For this journal critique, you must find a peer-reviewed journal article that uses catharsis, social cognitive theory, or social learning theory as its theoretical foundation. Once you have read the article, please do the following for your critique:

• Cite the article using proper APA style

• Identify and explain the theory

• Identify the method used in the study (no explanation needed)

• Identify the hypotheses or RQs

• Discuss the results of each H or RQ.

• What are the strengths of the article?

• What are the weaknesses of the article?

This assignment will be turned in via Safe Assign which is a software that detects plagiarized document, so please don’t take any thing from the Internet or other people’s work.

Be sure to attach a copy of the article you selected to critique.

This critique should be approximately 6 pages in length, but there is no specific length requirement.

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