Database Design


Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and design Table layout using relational modeling concepts. based on Case study.


In this project you will be provided with a description of an application (below) to create an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) and design accompanying table layout using sound relational modeling concepts and practices. The relationships between the entities and the attributes for the entities will be identified and described. This database will provide the foundation for the follow-on project. The following paragraphs provide the background and summary of the business requirements.

You are a database consultant with Ace Software, Inc. and have been assigned to develop a database for the Mom and Pop Johnson video store in town. Mom and Pop have been keeping their records of videos and DVDs purchased from distributors and rented to customers in stacks of invoices and piles of rental forms for years. They have finally decided to automate their record keeping with a relational database.

You sit down with Mom and Pop to discuss their business, and watch their operation for about a week. You discover quickly that a video and a DVD are both copies of a movie kept in a separate plastic case that is rented out. They have several copies of each movie they rent; therefore there are several videos and DVDs for each movie title. You learn that in their inventory they have several thousand videos and DVDs, which they get wholesale from about a half dozen distributors. The video and DVD prices to them are based on the quantity of their shipment and the past business they have done with each company.


The price of a DVD for a movie might be different than the price of a video for the same movie, even from the same distributor. Each distributor provides different types of movies (e.g., suspense, horror, mystery, comedy, etc.). A single distributor may provide several different types of movies in both video and DVD format. It is possible to obtain the same movie from multiple distributors, and at different wholesale prices.


Each video and DVD has a unique identification number that Mom and Pop assign in their inventory, in addition to the distributor”s serial number for the item. Each movie also has a unique identification number Mom and Pop assign in addition to the title, and any movie IDs the distributors use in their electronic catalogs. Distributors provide electronic catalogs to Mom and Pop and the information from these catalogs must be included in the database.


Mom and Pop need to record when a video or DVD is rented, when a video or DVD is returned, and all customer charges such as late and damaged fees, failure to rewind fees, and taxes. They need a report of which videos are returned late because there are standard and late charges. On occasion there are discount prices for certain movies or types of movies. Customers want to rent movies based on actors or actresses, running length, type of movie, rating, year released, the director, and the academy awards won (by the movie, the actors, the actresses and/or the directors). Customers also want to know how many videos they have rented in the last month, year, and so forth. Mom and Pop need to keep only basic information on customers in their database, such as name, address, telephone numbers, etc.


There must be no limit to the number of video and/or DVD copies of a movie that Mom and Pop can have in their inventory. Video/DVD ID numbers, movie ID numbers, and distributor ID numbers for videos, DVDs, and movies are all different. Also, each movie must be able to have an unlimited number of actors, actresses, directors, and academy awards (i.e., Oscars). Other types of awards (e.g., Golden Globe, People”s Choice, etc.) are not of interest for this application. The rental of equipment, sale of videos, DVDs, popcorn, etc., is not to be kept in the database.


Using this information, you should:

Step 1) (7 points) Determine and list your entities. Then create relationship sentence pairs between those entities that are related. You should not have any many-to-many relationships.

Step 2) (13 points) Create an entity/relationship diagram (ERD) showing all your entities, attributes, and relationships. Sketch your ERD by hand or use a drawing program. Your diagram must beon a single page. All entities should be relatated to at least one other entity. Your ERD should have all one-to-many relationships and not have any many-to-many relationships.

Step 3) (5 points) Create metadata that describes the table created from each entity and the column created from each attribute in the ERD. Particular attention will be given to the proper specification of all primary key (via “PK”) and foreign key (via “FK”) columns in the table layouts. These should match your ERD exactly.


Business Economics



Essay Questions

Answer ALL questions. Limit each answer to 800 words. Overall your essay (3 questions taken together) should not exceed 2500 words, excluding references. All references should be attached to the end of the essay


1. Fiscal policy has a critical role in determining aggregate demand in the economy. Discuss this statement with examples.


2. Monetary policy complements fiscal policy in stabilizing the economy. Discuss this statement with examples.


3. Historically, there has been a lot of debate among economists regarding the role of fiscal and monetary policies in stabilization of business cycles. Discuss this debate on the basis of alternative schools of thought, such as classical, Keynsian, monetarists etc.


Your essay should draw from multiple sources – class room lectures and seminar sessions, textbooks and other references provided in your module handbook, additional references provided in Moodle, the talk by the guest lecturer and finally, your own research on the topic. Note that the questions are posed as discussion. Make sure you provide alternative viewpoints if necessary, complement your answer with diagrams and provide references to back up your arguments.


Please note that the additional references provided are NOT exhaustive but just indicative. You are expected to carry out your own research and explore the existing literature on new venture financial management in order to write an essay which addresses the above topic


Word Limit: 2500 words maximum excluding bibliography (strictly enforced)


An Indicative Guide to Essay Writing


The Purpose of the Essay

Essays allow us to judge your understanding of course material covered. The essay is designed to evaluate your ability to understand, organise, and communicate. It constitutes, therefore, a key element of the learning process. Read More in Attachmend file.



A standard way to think about the planning of the structure for an economics essay is based on four main sections. This, of course, is a general description, but can be helpful in organising the context. Hence, the inclusion of the following sections can be a good starting point:

1. An introduction, which should be clearly denoted by a sub-heading. The introduction has two purposes. First, to tell the reader briefly about the topic and why it is important. Second, to define up-front any key terms used.

2. A background section detailing the background in financial management in context of new venture creation, how others in the field (experts) have considered related issues and set the broad context of how you tackle the question. If you think you are contributing something new in the existing literature, this is where you describe in brief where your contributions lie.

3. A main section that shows how you have approached the question, what your findings are and what inferences have you drawn, which can answer the question above. This is the most detailed section of your essay and carries the most weight.

4. A conclusion which should briefly summarise your key findings and identify any of the limitations of your essay (perhaps by reference back to how others have dealt with such topics) and how these may be overcome in more advanced literature


Evidence and References

Footnotes and Endnotes

The Bibliography

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