Cyper Security;


Research the use of anti-virus software applications to defend an enterprise computing environment.

Should an organization’s anti-virus policy specify that anti-virus applications will be configured to quarantine infected files instead of deleting them automatically? Why or why not?

In your response, address the potential impacts of false-positives (incorrect identification of malware where none exists) and the potential risks of leaving malware infected files on the computer system where they were detected.

Provide at least one example of potential harm (from quarantine or automatic deletion) as part of your answer.

Your response should be 150+ words and include APA format citations and references.

During the labs in this course, you have used a number of software applications and utilities (technologies) which can be used to prevent, detect, respond, control, and deter attacks against the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems (including networks). (Note: respond includes containment of the attack and control includes remediating or “correcting” the vulnerabilities that allowed a security incident or attack.)

Pick one of the applications or utilities available in the Toolwire online labs and explain how it can be used to defend operational systems against attacks which compromise the confidentiality, integrity and/or availability  of information and information systems. Use the “prevent, detect, respond, control, and deter” framework in your explanation. (You may not be able to use all five categories.)

Be specific and provide examples of how your selected software application is used to defend both information and information systems.

Your response should be 150+ words in length and include APA format references and citations.

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