Critical Reflection Paper

This paper will cover topics presented in History of Africa, Chapters 20-23. These chapters discuss the process of European penetration across the African continent. Internal (within Africa) and external factors contributed to the ‘scramble for Africa’ and eventual colonization of much of the continent. In 3 full pages, discuss and describe the process of European incursions and imperial rule. In doing so, make sure to discuss how the role of religion contributed to the process; how Africans resisted; and how European powers justified colonization.


80% of your grade is based upon clarity of argument, organization (introductory paragraph, topic sentences, proper conclusion), grammar, attention to detail, and 20% on the technical details listed below.


  • Title page with name, class name and assignment title (i.e. Paper #1)
  • Page numbers
  • Double spaced
  • 3 page minimum (not 2.5 pages)
  • 10-12 point font
  • Chicago style footnotes
  • Bibliography




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