Critical Issues Module 1 Paper

Critical Issues Module 1 Paper
Read the attached case “The Director at His Best: The Right Question at the Right Time.” Course Textbook: Firstenberg, P.B. (2009). The 21st century nonprofit: Managing in the age of governance. New York: Foundation Center. ISBN-13: 978-1-59542-249-1

Write a paper of 2 to 3 pages (500 to 800 words) in which you discuss the pivotal role Jim Hill played in the future of the Vanguard Group. In your paper, discuss how he exemplifies some of the aspects of the “active” board member as well as how a merger can create problems rather then solve them. Do you think the title of the case is on target?
(LO 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)
A Note About Papers Papers are intended to challenge you to show that you can apply the concepts, discuss relevant examples, and present your response in a concise but academically rigorous paper. While additional research is not required, exceptional papers will integrate relevant information and examples from external sources (with sources cited in correct APA format). When a paper is presented as a Case Study (as in this module), more research may be appropriate. If the firm is hypothetical, extensive external research is not required. But when a case study deals with a real organization, program, or individual, you should do some additional research and reading to supplement information as given in the case



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