Critical Biography Term Paper: The Child and Society Custom Essay

CHILDREN AND SOCIETY Every other living thing has the genetic and intrinsic need to procreate and bear offspring, for the sole purpose of species continuation and the humans are no exception, which partly explains the value accorded to the children in the society. There exist some different viewpoints regarding the proper role that children play within the society, as well as the extent into which they are considered useful (Mills & Mills, 2000). This partly depends on the societal and cultural values and the social status of the parents. In some communities, exceeding a certain number of children is considered illegal, against cultural beliefs while in others children are blessings. The embraced roles and responsibilities of the children have been altered dramatically in the entire world. As such, some of the nations have come up with policies that seek to reduce the rate of population growth, while others are encouraging child bearing for the fear of the consequences associated with high populations of the elderly.

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