corporate marketing

Examine the key characteristics of corporate marketing and how and why it differs from “traditional marketing” and critically discuss relevant theoretical and practical reasons whether organisations shall adopt corporate marketing or not.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO TO ADDRESS THE ESSAY QUESTION: In this assignment you need to draw on the key principles of corporate marketing and the concepts and theories that have informed its development.You also need to relate your discussion of corporate marketing to your extant knowledge of marketing in
general and identify various factors (theoretical and practical) that might have contributed to its growing relevance (or may have limited its applicability) as a management orientation and academic field

IMPORTANT: You need to support your answers with appropriate academic sources (i.e., academic journal articles presenting concepts/theories and journal articles reporting empirical research studies) and provide illustrative examples (from business practice) in order to show your understanding of the theoretical and the
practical implications of your arguments advanced in the essay.

Read the coursework question carefully and make sure you address all parts of the question in your essay!

Your assignment should include a title page (with the title of the question, the module name, your name, and your registration number) and a list of references, which includes all articles, books and other sources you have cited in the body of the text. You should follow the Harvard style of referencing. You should check your essay
for errors in spelling and grammar using Standard English (which is British English and not American English or other derivatives). The coursework needs to be written in an academic style following general guidelines on essay writing and the guidelines included in the module (study) guide.

Please note that the 2,000 word limit includes in-text citations and quotations, but excludes the list of references.

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