Cooley Distillery

Cooley Distillery

Harvard Business Case ”Cooley Distillery”. username at harvard publishing in order to access the case is faisalhamdan Password: F8lf8lf8l

1)Provide a comprehensive, external, industry analysis from the perspective of Irish whiskey distillers (In this question include frameworks and information from external analysis slides, focus on PESTEL and Porter Five forces, and stakeholder analysis )

2)At the end of 2011, what are Cooley’s strengths and weaknesses? (this will focus on the first part of the SWOT analysis)

3)What valuation would you place on Cooley’s? Why? (Use attached spreadsheets to preform a valuation for Cooleys)

4)Provide a comprehensive set of strategic options & identify and discuss the decision criteria John Teeling should use (Use business level strategy slide for help)

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