Conditions makes us who we are but still we have the power to control these conditions

I live in a poor neighborhood in Egypt called Imbaba that is filled with drug dealers, slums, and problems (like electricity cuts) that give no one any chance to think about learning, technology, or even try to get a better life. but I didn’t accept to just give up and attended STEM school (high school that mainly based on scientific research and capstone projects), a school that changed my life

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“Necessity is the mother of invention” an ancient Greek quote that explains a lot of unimaginable devices, inventions, breakthroughs that everyone sees today. In spite of that, scientist Alfred North Whitehead had a different opinion; he argued that necessity isn’t the mother of invention and justified that in his famous quote “the basis of invention is science, and science is almost wholly the outgrowth of pleasurable intellectual curiosity.” But what if the necessity along with the pleasurable intellectual curiosity came together? That’s how everything began.
Four years ago, Egypt’s worst energy crisis for decades began with parts of the country facing around six power cuts a day for up to two hours at a time. The blackouts have created widespread frustration with businesses all around Egypt reporting a downturn in production. Living in Imbaba, a poor neighborhood, I directly felt the severe effects of the crisis. Life became stagnant; there was no water, no lights, no internet; my life was disrupted. After this horrible experience, I became aware of the necessity of maintaining a new, reliable energy source. Since then, my only and most valuable aim was establishing a project that could solve the energy shortage forever. And for that, I needed science!

Two years ago: A new period of my life started, taking an entirely different path. I enrolled in STEM School, which places great weight on Capstone: projects aimed to solve Egypt’s grand challenges. Working on my 10th-grade capstone project “Egypt’s energy crisis,” allowed me to find the scientific knowledge that I needed. Through four tough months, my skills began to rise, and my dream started to shape. Now, I understand that these obstacles were priceless gifts which created endless ways of innovations and led me to improve. Brainstorming, reading sophisticated research papers, doing dangerous experiments, asking for help and review from experienced colleges professors, and building a prototype for my project, passing each obstacle was one step forward toward my destination.

My team and I designed a fuel cell that can theoretically produce 86% of the electricity that Egypt uses. Although practically applying it still needs a lot of work and research, I now understand how to solve the problems that my country has always been suffering from. Because now I realized what I was missing: the link between science, necessity, and passion: Engineering.

Through my Studying in STEM school, I became a student that has a keen interest in all sciences and intent to continue studying them all, and engineering brought all my interests together. While A scientist focuses on what is not yet understood and examines it. An engineer focuses on what is already understood and builds with it. Scientists seek simple systems that challenge their understanding; engineers seek to build systems of challenging complexity using understandable components. Where a scientist may contemplate solid-state physics and seek to unravel the mysteries of correlated electron phenomena, an engineer will use established principles of solid-state physics to describe the behavior of a set of reliable designs for wires, transistors, and capacitors. A scientist may discover phenomena that enable the creation of a new transistor-like device; an engineer may discover how to organize a million transistors into a new information processing system. Its essence lies in applying science to solve our necessities. With it, I can achieve my ultimate dream: solving our problems while learning what I love.

Throughout my journey, I experienced the great Intertwining of Necessity, science, and passion. I have experienced happiness and anger, success and failure, adventure and fear, but I really enjoy my journey, or I should say that’s why I really enjoy my journey and it’s just the beginning. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, but the future is full of surprises, and the best way to predict them is to create them. So here I am, an aspirant student that will attend a great university, improve his research, apply it in the real world, achieve his dreams, and lastly ask for more.

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