Compression Algorithm

Compression Algorithm

This paper is a survey of popular compression algorithms used to for example: LZO, ZIP, ARC, Data Differencing, Huffman Coding.

The paper should use a total of 4 reputable sources, one of which may be a reputable website (with author and publish date). References should be cited with in the paper.

Below are the criteria the paper should follow:

1. Introduction
The introduction should provide brief background information on the algorithm. It should also briefly discuss the problem that the algorithm tries to solve and provide a very brief overview on rest of the paper.
2. Origin
The origin section should identify the person or organization that initially designed or developed the algorithm. Support your finding on the origin using reference citations from books or journal articles.
3. Detailed Description
This section should describe the algorithm and provide one or two simple but specific examples that illustrate how the algorithm works. You may include additional sections (or subsections) as necessary. As an example, this section can include the follow type of information:
a. Identify the algorithms original intension b. Identify the algorithms primary purpose c. Identify the complexity of the algorithm d. Provide a brief and simple example showing how the algorithm works. For example, a paper on
data compression could discuss the details of the MD5 on LZO implementation. Walk through a couple of simple examples using a small data set to help illustrate how the algorithm works. A diagrams and figure often help to get the point across.
e. If appropriate, provide a brief description mentioning how the algorithm is different from other algorithms that solve the same or similar problem
f. Do not include long source code listings. If you must include source code, only provide small sample snippets or pseudo-code that will help your discussion. Be sure to properly cite your sources.
g. Support your discussion using reference citations from books and/or journal articles within the main text of the paper.
Primary Uses
This section can provide the following type of information:
a. What were the algorithms first successes? b. Identify any failures or short comings of the algorithm c. Give an example of who or what software products are currently using the algorithm d. Support your findings using reference citations from books and/or journal articles.
5. Future Considerations
For example: a. Are other algorithms being made based on this one? b. Or is the algorithm dead – i.e. not being used anymore for some reason? c. Support your findings using reference citations from books and/or journal articles.
6. Summary and Conclusion

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