Competitiveness of organizations in a global economy

Competitiveness of organizations in a global economy


Realize a Research (take into consideration the following):

a)    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

b)    International trade administration

c)    International Monetary Fund

(look for supplemental information for each)

1.    Use (search engines) search engines and references texts provided (see References at bottom of this page or any other you prefer) to search for information about the opportunities and threats for the development of global companies. You must cite at least three, of the opportunities and threats, between search engines and references and follow the rules of the Manual of the APA 6th edition, in the wording and references.

2. Identify the opportunities and threats for the development of global companies

a.      evaluation of the geographical location, natural resources, financial resources, developing economic infrastructure, demographic aspects, cultural differences, political stability and legal system.

b.    mention economic arguments for government interventions

c.     mention the barriers and restrictions to multinational operations, fees, tariffs, restrictions, subsidies and loans to local companies, treaties and trade agreements.

 Write at least 2000 words in an essay format- Introduction = purpose of topic, Main topic = discussion / researched information and data and internal references, Conclusion, References.

NO Plagiarism

NO Copy Paste

Cited information

Graphic illustrations that can help clarify or add persuasiveness

Objective is to recommend strategic alliances for international economic activities and identify financial sources for economic activities.


Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson, J.S. Strategic Management. (last ed.). Ohio:Thomson Learning, South Western.

Gitman, Joehnk, Fundamentals of Investing. (last ed.). Addison Westley, Prentice Hall Dominick Salvatore, Sundem. Economia Internacional (last ed.). Pearson: Prentice Hall.

Hansen, D.R., & Mowen, M. Management Accounting. (last ed.). Ohio: Thomson Learning, South Western.


Utilice los motores de búsqueda (search engines) y las referencias de textos que se proveen en este módulo (u otras que usted prefiera) para buscar información sobre las oportunidades y amenazas para el desarrollo de empresas globales.

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