1. Analyzing a change and innovation management situation facing a company, and
2. Describing (as well as sometimes developing or suggesting) responses to managing these challenges based on the learning from the course.


1. Choosing a company: (CAMPANY NIKE)
a. As a group, your first task is to choose a company that has engaged in strategic innovation in the past or that is currently undertaking a strategic experiment.

choose a company from the list of 2012 Fortune 500 Companies – available by accessing:

2. Obtaining instructor approval: (NIKE ALREADY APPROVED)
I. Note: the appropriate project will be selected in consultation with your instructor. You must obtain instructor approval prior to beginning work on your project!
II. Once the entire group has agreed on a company, you must delegate ONE group member responsible for informing the instructor of the group?s choice. Email choice to instructor.
III. Have at least one alternative choice ? in case 1st choice is not approved.
IV. If two groups choose to analyze the same company, the first group to approach the professor regarding their choice will receive approval. Second group must find an alternative company for their analysis.

3. Analyzing the strategic experiment
I. Research your chosen company.
II. Obtain as many details as possible. If possible, attempt to collect primary data.
III. Analyze the data (i.e., company/ innovation) keeping in mind the information covered throughout the course (i.e., Pentathlon Framework). Make sure you are not too narrow in your analysis. In other words, do not focus exclusively on the 5 major elements of the Pentathlon framework (i.e., ideas, implementation, etc.); rather, also identify and pay attention to some of the other concepts/ideas mentioned in class (i.e., creativity as related to individuals/teams).

4. Writing the report
I.epresent the combined efforts of all group members.

Describe the company
? Briefly describe the innovation trends observed in your chosen company (product, service, process, business model, etc.)
? Note: Keep in mind the fact that your audience may not be familiar with your chosen company; therefore, a certain amount of detail needs to be embedded in your introduction.


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