Communities & Ecosystems – Food Web Poster

Communities & Ecosystems – Food Web Poster
Project description

5.1.8 Construct a food web containing up to 10 organisms,

Your food web must fit on an A3 page. You can hand draw your organism or collect images from the internet. Your 10 organisms must come from the same community and all food web connections must be appropriate (i.e. lions eating butterflies will not get you points!).

Space your organisms so each of the following concepts can be illustrated. You must including highlighting, labels, arrows and annotation (descriptions) to make each of the following points obvious.

5.1.2 Distinguish between autotroph and heterotroph.
5.1.3 Distinguish between consumers, detritivores and saprotrophs.
5.1.4 Describe what is meant by a food chain, giving three examples, each with at least three linkages (four organisms).
5.1.5 Describe what is meant by a food web.
5.1.6 Define trophic level.
5.1.7 Deduce the trophic level of organisms in a food chain and a food web.
5.1.9 State that light is the initial energy source for almost all communities
5.1.10 Explain the energy flow in a food chain.
5.1.11 State that energy transformations are never 100% efficient.
5.1.12 Explain reasons for the shape of pyramids of energy.
5.1.13 Explain that energy enters and leaves ecosystems, but nutrients must be recycled.
5.1.14 State that saprotrophic bacteria and fungi (decomposers) recycle nutrients.

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