ciminal justice research 7/Literature Review

Topic: ciminal justice research 7/Literature Review

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core .info /The unaffectability of the Chicago police on the Southside. Why cant they stop the mass murders.
Literature Review
Your literature review should include a minimum of 10 sources on your specific topic and should include a range of sources from different credible databases and

A literature review is not an annotated bibliography; it is a synthesis of information around ideas and concepts related to a single topic (in this case, the problem

statement for your applied research project).
Write a 1400 thru 1,750– word Literature Review should:
• Include an introduction to the topic as well as your problem statement. (this portion does not count toward the minimum word requirement)
• Group sources together based on similarities in method, conclusions, or chronology — whichever grouping will best support your Problem Statement.
• Explain what literature you reviewed.
• Point out the trends you see in the literature.
• Address each of your sources individually as well as in comparison to the rest of the literature.
• Draft a conclusion in which you:
• Synthesize your results into a summary of what is known and what is not.
• Identify areas of controversy in the literature.
• Formulate questions that need further research.
Use a minimum of 10 credible references outside of classroom materials. You may use the same references as your Annotated Bibliography. You should have a variety of

references from different sources (journals, books, legal sources, etc.).
Cite sources consistent with APA guidelines within the body of your paper as well as at the end of your Literature Review

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