Choose a situation at your previous workplace,

Choose a situation at your previous workplace, or alternatively at an organization in which you are or were involved. The situation should be one that required major change and was prevalent with challenges. The situation at work will be written as a case study. Therefore, it should present a picture of how effective leadership played a pivotal role (negative or positive) and was a critical element in addressing the situation.


Your case study should be 6-8 pages in total length (not including the title page, or reference page) and should include the following:



Part One: The Case Story (about 3-4 pages)

  • The organization – brief overview of its’ history and mission
  • The situation or problem being faced by the organization
  • The stakes involved as well as the key players involved in resolving the situation (you might choose to focus on one particular leader and his or her actions)
  • A description of how the situation was or is being addressed
  • The results of actions taken – outcome(s)


Part Two: The Analysis (about 3-4 pages)

Provide reflection and analysis of the Case Story using the Kouzes/Posner Five-Part Framework:

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart
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