Child Abuse

Task: Synthesis Essay

Topic: Child Abuse

Duration: 13 Hours

Task Description

In about 750 words, write a synthesis essay on the detection and management of child abuse cases. You will need to narrow this broad topic. You must formulate a thesis about this issue and provide evidence that will support your thesis. The thesis for this TMA01 is a viewpoint that does not have to be persuasive – that is, it is the conclusion you arrive at

based on summarising and synthesising the information you researched on this topic. Relevant information for you to gather would be:

 Issues (economic or social or educational or etc.) surrounding child abuse cases

 Evidence for existing measures

 Evidence against existing measures

 Improvements to existing measures

Please read attached document for more details. Please do not overlook this assignment. You must be careful and willing to understand this task. Do not over complicate it much.

Address the issue of concern. BE CAREFUL!!

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