charter schools


write a summary of and response to “At Charter Schools, Short Careers by Choice.”

The questions you’ll answer are: (1) What are the main purpose and main points of this writer’s essay and (2) Do you agree/disagree with her points based on your experiences?
You’re answering these questions for an academic audience, such as your teacher or other students. Assume that this audience has not read the essay you’re summarizing. You’ll have to give them enough information so that they can understand the author’s essay by reading only your summary.

goals are:
(1) to accurately summarize an article using the conventions of academic summary such as Academic Summary:
How To Identify the text—give the author’s name and the title of the article in the first sentence.
Identify the thesis—state the argument presented in the article.
Write down the supporting details for the author’s argument, one sentence for each main point.
Write down the author’s conclusion about his or her argument.,

(2) to provide a focused response with a clear thesis statement, and

(3) to develop your response using examples from your personal experience, that are clearly related to examples/ideas from the article itself.

Structure your essay carefully according to the principles we reviewed in class. Discuss each new point of agreement or disagreement in a separate body paragraph. Your essay must be typed using black ink, twelve-point font, one-inch margins, double-spaced format, with no cover sheet. Include a title

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