Case Study:  You have seen 6 high school wrestlers who

Case Study:  You have seen 6 high school wrestlers who attend the same school in the past week as well as one student from a nearby college that have presented with fluid filled vesicles on an erythematic base located on various areas of each of the patient’s faces  including the area of the forehead, neck and chin. You have diagnosed 4 of them with gladiator herpes following confirmation cultures, including the student from the nearby college.

Discuss your actions as a health care provider in detail regarding your community health, follow up actions and treatment plans as well as educational components.

Take some time to discuss how you would handle this situation within your own practice AND your  community ( don’t forget your references ).

Think “population health”!  I was actually involved in a case VERY similar to this!  How could this plan apply to other contagious conditions?  Think about how something similar to this may be handled in your practice and how/what you would change about current practice to assure community health, do you have another example from your personal practice of something similar you want to share with the group?

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