case study ; about asthma foundation SA .

case study ; about asthma foundation SA .

Subject: Case Study
3000 word Case Study Report in format prescribed by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health for a research article synthesising research findings and a theory/framework to analyse how the organisation 1) uses research and evidence to inform its practices and 2) structures itself to contribute to healthy public policy

my organisation will be asthma foundation South Australia .

please i want you to write the introduction, methodology, and the analysis parts .

((i will write the result and the discussion)).

Introduce the case study, about what, what are you going to do, why you do, what you want to achieve?
1. Background information, such as high prevalence in Australia and especially South Australia; this is an important and critical problem in South Australia, because mortality or morbidity is very high. (You can list some data, if it is better, you can put some journal article reference.), the asthma foundation SA what there purpose, mission vision and values, How to find evidence; why they do those practice or policies.

(this information from website asthma foundation SA)
Asthma Foundation South Australia Strategic Directions 2010 ? 2013
Vision: To free South Australian community of asthma and linked conditions

Mission: Working together to help people with asthma and linked conditions to breathe better

Purpose: To provide information, education, training and advocacy in the community and to promote research

a) Collaboration: Working with the community, clinical, corporate and government partners to get the best outcomes for people who struggle for breath

b) Trust: Being a proven, reliable source of information, education and advocacy with consumers, health service providers, funders and supporters

c) Passion: Working hard to make a positive difference for people who struggle for breath

d) Creativity: Using imagination to solve problems, and to anticipate and respond to the varying needs of people and

2. Objective: Investigate to how the asthma SA uses the evidence to support their practice and contribute to the public health policy.
How you design this study, what methods you use, where the data are from?
Thematic analysis
Data?.documents from online
Data collection methods is (Documentation review (newsletter and the annual reports for asthma foundation SA2011-2012) & the analysis strategy is thematic analysis).



Use your thematic analysis skills to analyse the files.2011 and 2012 (Newsletter & Annual Reports) and the 2011 Asthma in Australia.
i think the themes will be something like e.g. (Social evidence,Clinical evidence and research evidence)



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