Case study

1. what were the key points from the relevant lecture (s) and the literature pertaining to the topic (i.e., what theory underpins the topic)

2. what is its application to the case study. You can also use other examples from other industries to illustrate your point if desired.
Marking criteria:
The presentation:
1. effective presentation, well-structured and persuasive (30% of available
2. correct application of theory (30% of available marks)
3. demonstrates wide use of research (40% of available marks)
The written document:
1. Evidence of lecture knowledge (20% of available marks)
2. Evidence of research from the wider literature
3. (Including peer reviewed journal articles, academic books, text books and the literature on practice) (40% of available marks)
4. Reflection on the case and link between case study and theory (40% of available marks)


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