Case evaluation Using structural family therapy

Case evaluation Using structural family therapy
Case is attached…(support with recent peer-reviewed apa resources, no websites or books and label accordingly, include abstract page):

1. Discuss why structural therapy is best for this case.

2.Discuss how you would assess the clients in the case study. What units of treatment would you meet with, in what sequence?

3. Address at least 3 important treatment goals using the structural approach.

4. What assessment methods, formal or informal, would you use to gather information? What areas would you consider it most important to investigate?

5. What are the clinical issues that this case presents? How would your chosen clinical approach describe these issues?

6. What are the diversity issues that are relevant to this case? What aspects of diversity would you need to know more about in order to understand the context of these clients?

7. Are there ethical, legal, or crisis issues in this case you would need to attend to?

8. Are there issues brought up by this case that would require you to research the clinical literature to expand your knowledge, or seek supervision to cope with areas of discomfort or bias? What kind of supervision would you need when working with this case in order to stay within your scope of competent practice?

9. Evaluate the need for referral to community resources. What options for these resources exist in your own community? Be specific.
Grading guidelines:
-Discusses a range of possible techniques and areas for assessment, clearly connected to a specific systemic clinical approach.
-Discusses a range of clinical issues in a case study, clearly connected to a specific clinical approach.
-Analyzes diversity issues relevant to this case.
-Analyzes ethical, legal, or crisis issues in this case.
-Identifies a range of potential resources and provides possible options.
-Evaluates need for additional information or supervisory support; provides possible options.
-Communicates in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions; uses APA correctly.



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