Can anyone do Wk 3 discussion Ethics and Morals?

600 word count

Ethical Use of Drones…. 1.      After watching the videos “Drones are Ethical” and “Drones are Not Ethical,” and taking note of the different considerations they make, identify one argument made in the videos that is clearly a utilitarian argument, and explain what makes it utilitarian. (It can be an argument for or against the use of drones).  Also identify an argument that would not be a utilitarian argument (this can also be an argument for or against the use of drones). Explain how this sort of argument differs from a utilitarian one (you do not need to identify what kind of argument it is instead, just to point out how the considerations are different than utilitarian ones).  Discuss with your peers whether the arguments they make are utilitarian or not, and the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches.

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