Bridges (University Foundation class)

Bridges (University Foundation class)

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Project Milestone 3 (PM3): Society Prezi
The purpose of the Society Prezi (i.e. PM3) is to study the interaction of the invention of your Inquiry Project with its environment: how did social forces including economy, politics, trends, culture, and geography influence the development of the invention? To successfully complete PM3, you should read a book on the birth place and time of the invention of your Inquiry Project. You should understand the particular needs of the time and place which were addressed by the invention. The Society Prezi will be graded for completeness and regarding criterion 3 of the Inquiry Project rubric (available on Blackboard).
Post PM3 on your e-Portfolio in the project milestone section. To submit the PM3 Society Prezi, follow these steps:
1. Open your Prezi and scroll down.
2. Click on “Share” which will show your Prezi URL.
3. Copy this link.
4. Paste this link into the PM3 assignment on Blackboard.
5. Open your e-Portfolio and create an “Image/Video/Audio” module in the project milestone section.
6. Paste Prezi URL into the “Embed” box.
7. Paste the e-Portfolio URL into the Blackboard assignment.

The Society Prezi should include the following six items:
A) Descriptive title and PM3 thesis statement
Provide a descriptive title (identifying the Prezi as PM3) for the Society Prezi and a thesis statement for the Society Prezi, i.e. a thesis statement about the societal aspects presented in PM3. This is NOT the thesis statement of your final Prezi project.
B) Social/historical data
Provide the following data:
1. A picture of the city taken or made at the time when the invention was developed.
2. Statistics on the city, for example number of citizens, year the city was established, recent wars etc.
3. Names of people of this city who impacted the development of the invention.
C) Politics, culture, geography, economy…
Describe with at least 200 words and 3 pictures (drawings, photos, schematics…) the politics, culture, geography, economy at the time and place when and where the invention was developed. Include other circumstances as appropriate for your Inquiry Project.
D) Impact of circumstances
Describe with at least 200 words how the circumstances described in B) impacted the development of the invention. Include pictures, drawings etc. as appropriate.
E) Support for thesis
Provide the thesis statement of your Inquiry Project (not the thesis statement for PM3) and describe with at least 100 words how the findings in C) support, challenge, or extend your Inquiry Project thesis statement. Rewrite the project thesis statement.
F) Annotated Bibliography
Provide a list of sources in University of Chicago/Turabian style (A web site with instructions is provided in “Course Information” on Blackboard) with at least four non-on-line sources including at least three new sources on the area and era of your invention. For each source, (1) write a brief summary, (2) describe what you took from that source for PM3, and (3) describe how the content supports, challenges, or extends your project thesis, and (4) apply the CRAAP test.


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