Bombing Investigation Summary. Criminal Operations and Convictions Custom Essay

: CRIMINAL OPERATIONS AND CONVICTIONS OF TERRY NICHOLS AND TIMOTHY MCVEIGH Introduction Terry Nichols born in 1955 was convicted in 1998 for participating in the HYPERLINK “file:///\wikiOklahoma_City_bombing” o “Oklahoma City bombing” Oklahoma City bombing. Prior to his conviction, he had been involved in various activities and jobs such as a being a manager in the green elevator, ranch hand, real estate sales agent, and a farmer. He met with HYPERLINK “file:///\wikiTimothy_McVeigh” o “Timothy McVeigh” Timothy McVeigh, who was later become his accomplice in the bombing after meeting a short while in US Army. He had only stayed in the army briefly (less than a year), and requested for discharge after claiming to be experiencing “hardship” in the army. Between 1994 and 1995, he was, together with his accomplice Timothy McVeigh involved with the planning, preparation and execu

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