BIOGRAPHY: Jeremy Bentham and his contribution to the study of Ethics Custom Essay

Biography of Jeremy Bentham Jeremy Bentham, a British philosopher, jurist and political theorist was born on February 15, 1748 in Red Lion Street, Houndsditch (Kreis). His great grandfather was a successful pawnbroker and lawyer in London. Bentham, the son of a lawyer was an avid reader and as a result he came to be known as the “philosopher.” He was able to learn French, Latin and Greek before attaining the age of ten (Kreis). He attended Westminster School from 1755 to 1760. On 28th of June, 1760, he joined Queen’s College Oxford. He got his degree of B.A. at the age of 16, in the year 1763. He then studied at Lincoln’s Inn where he got his Master’s degree in 1766. Just like his father and grandfather, he pursued a career in law by joining the bar in 1767 (Kreis).

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